If you’ve received a Google Play gift card, you’re probably like a lot of people – thinking of how to use a Google Play gift card. While the card may not be as versatile as other options, it’s still an entertainment-filled card.

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Receiving a gift gives us an out of the world happiness and especially when it’s from a loved one! Yes, you may not be able to express it well, but deep down it does makes us happy. Be it a birthday gift from a friend or a special anniversary gift from our spouse, or just a bunch of flowers for no reason just to make your day, gifts do have a different vibe that may not be summed into words.

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Once a gift card is stored on your account, you don't have to re-enter the PIN when using it at checkout, so be sure to use caution if you share your account with a family member.

Gctocash:5 Benefits of Vanilla Gift Card

If you have been overlooking the Vanilla gift card or the benefits it could possibly provide, then you sure should give it a second consideration. This is because the Vanilla Gift card spending is now reaching a new record high as a result of its benefits. Many individuals consider the Vanilla card the best option since it is flexible, very easy to purchase and lets the recipient make the ultimate choice. By giving such type of cards as gift can offer them more benefits are following are a few of the best merits of using it. Gift cards are the most superior gifts ever with which trading can be completed easily and so anyone who is far away from you can get more benefits with it.

Gctocash:6 Benefits of Steam Gift Card

Although Steam is an online-only service, it still provides gift cards which can be purchased in different stores. Steam also provides digital gift cards, so the process can be done practically online.

Gctocash:6 Benefits Of Google Play Gift Card

Not only is Google Play a music subscription service, a video store or a bookstore, it so happens to be the largest app store all over the world. And all these simply make it an attractive option amongst other gift cards, but sure isn’t limited to that function alone. Just because Google limits underage user accounts from Google Wallet, Google Play gift cards might be the only channel through which underage users purchase content. Should you wonder the great benefits of this gift card, this article seeks to touch on that. Here are 6 benefits of the Google play gift card.

Gctocash:6 Benefits Of iTunes Gift Card

Gift cards are a popular trend for wonderful gifts. An iTunes gift card is a brilliant gift for allowing making purchases on the iTunes store. This gift card can be used to purchase downloadable content including music, books, apps, and movies.

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You might not fall into a scam from someone calling you. People call all the time, and I know that I never answer phone calls from someone that I don’t know. I actually hate when people call me on the phone.


If you want to buy an iTunes gift card but are debating between iTunes or Google Play, iTunes is a better choice. It’s true that Android is dominating the mobile market right now. Apple has one-third of the market share while Android has the remaining share.

Gctocash:What You Can Do if You Buy an iTunes Gift Card

When you opt buy an iTunes gift card, you’re making a smart choice. There are millions of apps and games that can be purchased. You’ll find that there are a lot of people using Apple products, too.